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btw, I've simulated in IE3D for the slot antenna using finite ground plane, when I want to see the current distribution on it, why I can't see the magnetic one (only electric) contrary when I simulated using the infinite ground plane I can clearly see the magnetic distribution inside the slot? whould you please describe how I can do this.

Figure 5.1) Micostrip-fed slot antenna radiating on a layered substrate. The layers are chosen to enhance the radiation through the dielectric stack. The electrically thin substrate supporting the microstrip line can be easily made by a liquid polymer that can be applied over the ground plane. The slot length is CYLINDRICAL DIELECTRIC RESONATOR ANTENNAS FED BY A STAIR ... CYLINDRICAL DIELECTRIC RESONATOR ANTENNA FED BY A STAIR SLOT IN THE GROUND PLANE OF A MICROSTRIPLINE H. RAGGAD 1, M. LATRACH 1, T. RAZBAN 2 and A. GHARSALLAH 3 1 Groupe Radio & Hyperfréquence, ESEO, 4 Rue Merlet de la Boulaye, BP 30926, 49009 Angers, France and COPLANAR WAVEGUIDE FED MULTI-SLOT ANTENNA A prototype of the bow-tie slot antenna is fabricated and the return loss is measured using the HP 8510C vector network analyzer (VNA). The fabricated antenna has a finite ground plane truncated at 1 cm away from the bow-tie slot edge. The antenna with the connector is simulated What is the difference between slot antenna and patch ...

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Antennas, dipole, ground plane | Electronic Design The Ground Plane Antenna. ... Patch (microstrip) and slot antennas used at microwave frequencies are also dipole derivatives. In addition, two or more ground plane vertical antennas can be ... Chapter 5 Impedance of Slot Antennas 5.1 Introduction

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2017-5-6 · that on the insertion of a circular slot on the antenna resonates at two different frequencies and also presents marked improvement in the bandwidth and ground plane antenna has been proposed. The radiation efficiency, return loss and directivity are measured for simple circular patch antenna and the modified antenna (antenna with circular slot Annular Slot Loaded High-Impedance Ground Plane - … 2014-1-16 · simulated S11 of the loop antenna over the annular slot loaded ground plane and its gain pattern at the resonant frequency of 1.85 GHz. Since the slot loaded ground plane is acting as a high impedance surface, similar to an EBG ground plane, the reflection phase will not be 180 o like a PEC ground plane. A Wideband Open-Slot Antenna with High Front-to-End … 2012-10-16 · The monopole slot antenna has received much attention due to its easy impedance matching, compact size, low profile and light weight, and good radiation efficiency. A moderate impedance bandwidth and omni-directional radiation have been provided for the monopole slot antenna by a quarter-wavelength open slot cut in the finite ground plane, and the

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Tesis Upm - Juan_corcoles_ortega Antenna parameters from (Tong et al. . . . . .. . . . c=0. . . . . .12 Photograph of the constructed and measured antenna. g=0. . .8 Graphical description of the first step of the CAD methodology: application of MAM …