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Buy 2240 G1C - Microsoft Store G1C is the currency used to make purchases in APB Reloaded, use G1C to purchase additional services and sweet in-game items such as weapons, armor, clothing, vehicles and more, on the APB Reloaded marketplace. sco-customs - Home Car and outfit designs on APB Reloaded. Home Car Designs Clothe Designs (M) Clothe Designs (F) ... Custom cars and clothes for APB Reloaded. Car freestyles and replicas, police clothes replicas. Search scolio (M) or G2L (F) ... Numbers change with slot (Ex. 2 slot = 97-12) Moirai G33K. Color changed. Pioneer Hazardous.

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Character Modification Slots let you equip Upgrades that can lower fall health/stamina damage, weapon damage, maximum health, etc. Besides upgrading your weapons? this is one of the necessities to keep up on to improve your odds of victory in a gunfight.

With 1.7.0 we’re seeing both the release of the Paramilitary clothing and gear pack and the re-release of the Tactical pack. I wanted to give you guys an insight into some of the thought processes behind making them and also a hint at where we will be looking in the future when it comes to making more character assets.

APB Reloaded - Одежда и символы (Citadel) | ВКонтакте Здесь вы можете ознакомиться с готовыми символами и одеждой, а так же сделать свой собственный заказ. Сервер: EU Citadel. APB: Reloaded Ratings - MMORPG.com APB: Reloaded ratings by gamers at MMORPG.com . Read the user reviews here and rate APB: Reloaded yourself.I like most that anything available for real money is just convenience, the best weapons are the ones you unlock the slots for and pack in your own modifications.